Black History is just history,

but it's history we are not teaching.

Welcome to a sample of the Black History Professional Development Class. Celebrate Black History ALL YEAR by including it into your history lessons. Below is a bit about me and why I am so passionate about this course!


What you'll get from this course:

A 20 minute preview of historical facts tied into actionable steps.
A short list of multicultural literature that will inspire your students to read.
A short but impactful list of historical figures you may not know.

Benefits of taking this class:

Getto provide your students with a more inclusive history of America.

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A peak at games and skits that will give you an idea of how history can be more exciting.

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Learn about historical African-American figures that are not included in our history books.

You can also leave a text field blank to have it display nothing.

It’s time to be seriously inclusive and diverse! Learn new, modern, unconventional and powerful approaches to teaching Black History.


Before committing to the main course get a sample of what I will be teaching the course below...


Black History Professional Development Class


Hi, I’m Tamara Shiloh

This is a very important and special project to me. I've had so many teachers ask about creating an online course of my Black History Professional Development Class and I've actually done it!

A little about me...I'm an author - I write children's books about Black inventors and scientists. The series is "Just Imagine...What If There Were No Black People in the World?". The first two books in the 7-book series is out.

I write a Black history column for the local newspaper.

I record 2-minute Black history vignettes for a local radio station.

I send Daily Dose of Black history to my email list.

I own the Multicultural Children's Bookstore in Richmond CA.

I speak on the importance of teaching Black history all year.

As you can see Black history is my passion and teaching children a more inclusive U.S. History is very important to me.

In order to accomplish this, we need to educate our educators.

Please enjoy the class!

Get a sample of the most comprehensive course to guide you through the steps needed to engage with African American students while helping them learn their history in America.


Black History Professional Development Class